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J Hus ft Mist – Fisherman
Jazz Cartier – Tell Me
Gabrielle – Sunshine Wookie Main Mix
Zak Abel – Soul Child
Tobi Lou – game ova
Christian French – fall for you


I remember when this one hit me

Back in the day when I’d go clubbing every weekend without fail with my friends we always loved it when this song came on, it’s one of those songs were you have to move your body I’d be surprised if the average human could just stand there without even as much as a foot tap or nodding head this is only if they weren’t already losing their s@&t.

I’m talking about La roux – in for the kill (skream remix) when I first heard the original I was thinking she had a unique voice to me and the original isn’t something I’d normally like but there was something about her voice that I didn’t mind hearing on the radio 10 times per day.

So the first time I heard the skream remix I was in a club there was about 8 of us on the dance floor can’t even remember what songs were on before or after this I could probably guess though but anyway we were all in a big circle and this drops in the start with the strings and then her voice we were like ok what’s this got then then the beat drops it’s kinda slow but you could shake a leg to it, gradually you get to the bit were the slow drums stop and it’s just la roux’s voice then you hear a pause no sounds  and everyone is standing around like did the Dj f@@k up or something and then BOOM skream just sends that beat into absolute chaos.

I just love how the whole song starts off a bit slow up until the point when your about to lose interest and say it’s just and average tune and then all hell brakes loose I literally challenge someone to listen to that song and say it doesn’t have atleast one thing they can appreciate the voice the beat the build up etc.

I’d say any music head should like this in one way or another il share the link again below I hope you enjoy.

La roux – in for the kill (skream remix)
More Life. More Love. 

Need something to vibe with try this

I give you Itchy – couple of my boys (sbtv #livetrax) this track is almost a year old but in my eyes still very creative and inspiring and could be considered new/current by the right listener but that’s just my opinion.

As soon as the track kicks off itchy comes in with the chorus that for me made me look around and think damn this guy is just talking real s@@t, I can relate with most the things he says which is good I think because there are a lot of rapper who talk about stuff that I can’t relate to or even comprehend I don’t be 100’s at no strip clubs or have several super exspensive cars h@@s all over my mansion that’s not how I’m living. 

Itchy’s first couple lines are like “couple of my boys are at uni couple of my boys are at work couple of my boys at the trap house couple of my boys in a cell” I personally have friends in all these scenarios so from that I was just like yer this guy might have some real talk for me.

I find it just a cool track to vibe with if you smoke you may even find it a bit better just listen to the lyrics, in this case I’d say the beat is ok but I think it could have gone better with the lyrics over something else but then again if it was over something else maybe the end result might not of been as desirable for me I guess we will never no.

Here is the track again I hope it resonates with you as it did me enjoy.

Itchy – couple of my boys (sbtv #livetrax)

More Life. More Love. 

Drake more life

Let’s be honest now everyone has heard about drake having ghost writers etc etc I personally don’t care that much because at the end of the day someone made up those dope rhymes whether it be drake or these ghost writers I still get a vibes off the end product and I can f@&k with it I don’t see why you wouldn’t still rate the end product maybe these ghost writers should get credit if all this is true but regardless there’s songs I’ve heard from drake that have so much relevance to my life and some times not depending on the topic although drake does like to go in and out of topics which I also like but yer he just says things that make you think and he’s from the same sort of generation as myself so some stuff he says takes me back years to good and bad places but it’s made how an artist can trigger something like that and we have never met or spoken I love that about music and to me I don’t care about the samples or the ghost writing If the end product does something for me well that’s my business I feel bad if you don’t get the same thing as I did but maybe I’m just crazy who knows.

So this could turn people away but I am a drake fan regardless these ghost writers are so good why aren’t they in the charts I dunno it’s just a topic most people get all up right about but it’s the same as using a sample to make a beat you didn’t created you just used it and maybe put your own twist on it who knows but anyway.

I have chosen a drake song from more life which I kinda f@&k with probably my favourite song Drake – do not disturb I feel like the beat was fire from the first couple of seconds and then after the it’s just a madness man just smashed up the beat and in the process took me back to like years just made me think about all the old times with my friends I like songs that do that it makes me happy not to say times aren’t good but earlier in life life was easier you no (for some people) but anyway il post the song again below in case you missed it and I hope you enjoy.

Drake – do not disturb
More Life. More Love.

Some songs that motivated me

Here are a couple of songs I put together because for me they gave me motivation I guess to do better or atleast obtain things in life I’ve been longing for and some people may look at or listen to the songs and be like how the hell did that motivate you firstly I’d say these songs show me you can come from the bottom and end up on top of you try or that anyone can do it not to say all these artists are big house hold names but I believe most of them didn’t think they’d get as far as they have but now they are I can feel it in their lyrics I’d say my favourite out of these is gigss get your money up because this really made me think about what I want and admittedly I no money isn’t everything I don’t want to be rich or nothing but I’d like money for a rainy day when the boiler breaks or the car or something.

I listen to music in total about 6 hours a day give or take, it’s the words mostly that speak in messages for me which I think is what the artist try to do when they are telling a story about how it was at the bottom but because I tried and didn’t let the people put get me down here I am now and I can’t f&@k with that attitude obviously sometimes they go off subject and talk in other areas but that’s ok because most of the time they are just talking about how hard life is/was wouldn’t you do the same if your jobs was to tell people about your life on a song.

More Life. More Love.

Giggs – get your money up

Tk kravitz – no mind

Krept & konan – don’t waste my time

MoStack – behind bars [linkuptv]

Boogie – ni££a needs

 Jerreau – really got it

Russ – do it myself

Grime the real thing

Now this one isn’t so much of a song but more of a mix up of songs and two very great lyricsists smashing every beat, way back in 2003 a grime mc called dizzee rascal and another called Wiley done a set/jam which was recorded on pirate radio they had a Dj called slimzee who back in these times was very known on the grime scene and I’m sure still is.

Back in these days when my mums dropped me to school me and friend listened to this every day on the way to skool probably a bit louder then my mum would have liked considering the content after all it’s grime music. This particular set and many others these guys particular were the big thing and as I didn’t live in the city and couldn’t get those pirate radio stations and so when a cassette with these sounds and this content was available to me in my town it was mad and I think that it changed the way people mc’d were I’m from in my eyes everyone wanted to be like that have that I don’t care attitude that was kinda what grime was about. I don’t care I wear my hood up wear black tracksuits hats low but I don’t care and my peoples didn’t care what back in them days we got up to some of the things we heared in these songs also probably why we all started making music and speaking about the life we live.

I can’t even stress enough how crazy the lyrics from these vets is and the grime beats back in them days so unique and original such crazy sounds if you haven’t ever heard proper grime your in for a treat these guys kinda made that it happen but please please don’t get confused between real grime and what’s considered grime but is in the charts I don’t see it as the same real grime is raw and uncut and the tempo is in most cases not the same as these chart songs that are labelled grime in my opinion that it but I’m sure most grime heads no the real deal but if your new to it i wouldn’t expect you to no any different.

This set in particular has another part to it if I find it il update this post, if you are a grime fan I hope this bring back some memories and you can vibe with it if your new to it take this in listen to all the words and content considering this was made in 2003 and the lyrics were prior to the set most likely it’s got to be said bigger things should have happened sooner for grime but now I feel grime or so what is considered grime in the charts doesn’t show you what to most people real grime is like maybe I am stuck in my old age but to be there is a difference I hope you enjoy this I really do.

Here it is Dizzee rascal Wiley Dj slimzee sidewinder 2003

More Life. More Love

Keep up

When we are talking about music that can make you shake your body uncontrollably for hours arms in the air and you feel every single beat pulsing through your body like thunder something that’s hard to sit still.

Let me give you drum and bass, very fast heavy bass lines tingling high hats big cymbal smashes its frikkin great and in most cases it’s  typically double the speed of hip hop depending on the producers desired bpm (beats per minute) 

I present to you a track I like very much and to be fair some hard drum and bass heads will probably say this isn’t even a hard tune which I can relate to as it’s fairly gentle compared to some hard drum and bass but I like that about it it’s slightly lighter to listen too if you get what I’m saying and a nice female vocal which in this case is a sample of Aretha franklin – one step ahead which is also a great song I enjoy music like that I will do a separate post at another stage but anyway the song is High contrast – remind me for me I personally can just vibe with it like the sounds and what they have done with the vocal just gives my ears some serious stimulation it’s one of those songs you could close your eyes and think of a million things or you could close your eyes and think of nothing I only find that with certain songs but if I feel it someone else must right, I no it’s not no Andy c or pendulum or something like that but I find it very easy to get on with but high contrast do have hard tunes to be honest but some people don’t like hard drum and bass so this is for those guys and people that just generally wanna hear something nice and easy but slightly banging so I hope you enjoy it.

More life. More love.

A song for a long day

When I listen to this song it just helps ease the daily pressures of reality sometimes you need to chill and forget the netflix your own company may be better sometimes you need to chill by yourself let some music warm up your soul have a convo with yourself ask yourself were your actually going and how you plan to get there if you don’t no were you wanna go maybe you could play this song and try and figure it out I feel it’s very soothing to listen too as are many others songs but I came across this recently and I had to tell someone even if you don’t get the same things I get from it you may get something.

The song is Healy – Unwind this guys got something he’s been around from what I recall 2015 he started putting his stuff on sound cloud I believe his first debut single was called roll widdit and from that he generated some following so if you don’t no you should find out what this voice can do for you spiritually have a listen.

Healy – Unwind
More life. More vibes.

A song that made me feel great about my relationship

Now this one right here isn’t exactly what I’d call a love song but at the same time when I heard it I started looking at my own relationship not questioning but seeing what my relationship had in common with the lyrics being said the song is Rockie fresh – don’t change 

This song for me is kinda like a man laying his heart on the line in one sense but I guess when you do find that kind of love the only thing you don’t want your partner to do is change I can relate to that quite easy so for me personally the song work not to mention the vocal is easy to listen too still a bit rugged and he doesn’t portray he’s trying to sing I like it when artists do that and I like how it’s a song you could play around your mums and she might even be like “ooo I kinda like this what’s it called” and you’d tell her and she’d forget anyway lol I like a song I can enjoy with my family because most of what I listen too they don’t really get what I get from it but that’s a whole different post there.

Crank it up and if you like this sound I have plenty more just let me no 👍🏾

More Life. More Love.

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